14 Aug

Tizen is back!

Hi everybody,

I’m here with some great news! Tizen is back, and it’s better than ever! It’s an advanced AS3 CPPS. It currently has the latest Star Wars party! Everything is fully working, even the duels are working great! There is no register page, though. You register through the create a penguin button on the play page. As you can see, the create a penguin button seems to work fine-


Now I click the ‘Next’ button, and there we have it! I am now registered.


It says to check your email, but you don’t need to. Just refresh the play page, login, and you’re ready to begin playing! There is only one server with the name of ‘Death Star’, but that’s fine, right?

Here I am on Tizen. There is a lot to see from just one picture.

Yup, everyone gets free nameglow and bc! Some penguins are dinosaurs, and that is fully working as well, so you’ll have lots of fun!

There is !ss command, !glow command (for your nameglow color, put a color code after that), !color command (for your nc color), !clone, !transform, and so much more! This CPPS seems to be really fun, and this CPPS was made by DJ_MuTeD. DJ_MuTeD put a lot of effort into this, as you can see. I think this CPPS is great as it is AS3, and it seems awesome. It’s one of the most advanced AS3 CPPSes you can probably find. Here is a list of benefits, found on the homepage-


I know you really want to join Tizen. It’s a blast! Come join us and the fun today!

http://tizencpps.co.uk/ – Homepage
http://tizencpps.co.uk/play.html – Play
Remember, to register, you press the create a penguin button on the homepage, and when you’re done, refresh and log on with your user’s information!

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you will think of this CPPS the same as I think of it- simply awesome!

35 thoughts on “Tizen is back!

  1. I created another penguin, but when I tried to log it in, it said “Penguin Not Found.” So I went back to the register page and made a penguin with the same name, same color, same password, and same email, and it told me I can start playing. I kept trying and trying to log it in, but the same thing pops up.

  2. bug at the lighthouse. No penguins can hear their own musical instrument when they dance with it although they can hear other plls plz fix the bug with the audio thx

  3. I’m happy that tizen is up and running, but for some reason, when I try to login to my account, it says “Penguin not found?” Please reply so I can fix this or whatever.

    • Well the reason behind that was because Tizen got DDoS’ed and we lost all the data of the penguins. We just recently created the Server so We weren’t prepared for the DDoS Attacks.
      ~Jake ( Tizen Staff)

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