Penguin Oasis

Hello everyone!

You may have heard of this pretty new Club Penguin Private Server called Penguin Oasis.  Nope, I am not talking about the one from 2011, that was very un-stable and just out-right bad.  I am talking about a new Penguin Oasis – one of the best CPPS’s out there…already!  It is owned by Tybone10 and Chai.  They have really worked hard on this great CPPS.

Penguin Oasis is an amazing server, in my opinion.  It has tons of custom features that no other servers have.  This includes custom penguin colours.

Custom Colours

When you go to register, you have the option to choose a CUSTOM penguin colour.  I absoloutely love this feature, as I love bright colours, and the red, and blues, and greens, aren’t as “neon” as I like them.

Another feature is the unique hide-and-go-seek server — this is a game built in, pretty much.  When you login, you can choose the Hide and Seek server, and a game will start if there is not one already, or you will join a match that has begun.  The rules will be shown when you first login to the server.

One other pretty cool feature of Penguin Oasis is the built-in screen capturer.  Yes, you can use “PrntScr” on your keyboard, but this takes a screenshot of exactly what you want, rather than having to crop the image later.  Also, it uploads it onto Penguin Oasis’ very own picture uploader! It’ll only take a few seconds, depending on how large the screenshot is.

Lastly, Penguin Oasis offers “VIP” at the price of $8 USD.  If you purchase VIP, you can get very cool things, like bubble colour, nameglow, and you can transform your penguin into other characters, such as any colour of puffle, any colour of ghost, and even Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle! (Not sure if you can transform into other ponies, yet.) Even if you don’t have VIP, you can transform into a reindeer puffle, a frostbite, or a car… but only for a limited time – those things will be only for VIP people soon!  If you cannot purchase VIP, don’t worry!  Once in a while, they will give away VIP – the staff know that not everyone can buy it.

Penguin Oasis

That’s all!  Penguin Oasis is a very nice and unique server, and it’s one of my favourites.  I like all the custom features, and it’s overall just a great server.

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28 Responses to Penguin Oasis

  1. doxtos8 says:

    es el mejor juego del mundo

  2. xxGYMANSTxx says:

    How do I get the chat bubble (when I talk) to be a color?

  3. pools4me says:

    Has P1enguin oasis closed?

  4. Rigbone says:

    you need to donate by namglow

  5. SexyPengy says:

    How do you know if you already have your VIP? My VIP was bought around 3-4 days ago, and I try the VIP commands, but it doesn’t work -.-

  6. PenguixCP says:

    Are you tybone from CPYS? Cuz on CPYS i meta Adming called Tybone10 and nice cpps its awesome but if u are thank you making it thanks for your info From PenguixCP

  7. nicolasalber says:

    si ya viste bien tenes que comprar vip aca lo que se escribio Por último, Penguin Oasis ofrece “VIP” en el precio de $ 8 dólares. Si usted compra VIP, usted puede conseguir cosas muy interesantes, como el ¡¡COLOR DE LA BURBUJA!!

  8. Popice600 says:

    I cant get on the website-please help!

  9. Pochima123 says:

    ITS NOT WORKING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kris488 says:

    I Cant log in it says forbidden its down don’t worry guys

  11. Diamond43 says:

    Oasis isn’t working now! It says unavailable. :( And I just got name glow yesterday!

  12. Diamond43 says:

    You can win VIP by playing Hide and Seek on that server? Really? How?

  13. ZimyZimy says:

    Wt Oasis Doesn’t Work At All :(
    I Hope It Starts Working Again Soon.

  14. TRHPS_4eva says:

    Hi just asking does anyone know if you can give credits to other people? Also I’m really sad that heaps of people got 70,000 free credits and me and others missed out :( it makes me feel like quitting

  15. nellie says:

    Okay, so I just bought name glow, and it said that I have it.. I DON’T SEE IT ANYWHERE… please help!! :(

  16. briny says:

    i thik this game cool(:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Xxcutiepopxx says:

    I Wish V.I.P Was Free :( I Can’t Get It Because I Have No Credit Card Nether Does My Dad Or Mom :(

  18. Shera54321 says:

    can comebody give me the email adress to ap? because i need to email something

  19. Ariana says:

    Disney Banned Oasis, Its Gone Forever…

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