FreePenguin Updates!

In the downtime we’ve had lately, FreePenguin has been working on a settings panel. This includes many features such as:

  • Playercard switcher (You can change your playercard design).
  • Ring color
  • Bubble color
  • Saved clothing
  • Commands (!SPEED, !AS, !SCALE, etc..)
  • Mascot transformer
  • Custom items
  • Transform sprites

The “settings panel” is located in the top right corner of the game, and should look like this:

When you click on it, it will open up all of the options/settings you can change and use!

What I really like is my playercard. I chose the purple design. However, when you hover over an item, it tells you the item’s ID!

Lastly, the transformations are:

  • Normal Penguin
  • Car
  • Reindeer Puffle
  • Frostbite Penguin
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Ghost Penguin
  • Zombie A
  • Zombie B
  • Zombie C
  • Vampire A
  • Vampire B
  • Vampire C
  • Werewolf A
  • Werewolf B
  • Werewolf C
  • Blue Puffle
  • Black Puffle
  • Green Puffle
  • Red Puffle
  • Orange Puffle
  • Yellow Puffle
  • White Puffle
  • Rainbow Puffle
  • Herbert (was never available!)
  • Darth Herbert

Check out our new features today!

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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

My name is Xar/Josh, and I’m a new author here at CPPSCentral!

I’ve been in the CPPS community since iCPv3 and I have played most CPPS’s since then. I’m usually seen under the username “Xar0″ or “Xarrj” so if you see me don’t be afraid to say hi!

Some other things about me are that I’m 14 years old, I like making new friends online and  I enjoy being outside with friends.

I hope you will all enjoy the content I post soon!


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Espanol CPPSes! CPPSHeld & SuperCPPS!

This is our first ever post about a fully Spanish CPPS! So we’re making it a duo-post with the first two successful Spanish Club Penguin Private Servers! If these get any bigger I’ll continue my Spanish CPPSCentral blog! We’ve already created a Spanish section on the CPPS list!

Let’s start with!

The CPPS has all the modern, basic features you’d expect a CPPS to have: Puffles, Nameglow, customs, etc. It has a great, fresh website, a Twitter account: @CPPSHELD. Sadly this CPPS was offline when I was making this post, so I was not able to take in-game Screenshots.


Now for!

It too has many basic CPPS features, and a very nice website! It is an AS2 CPPS, with an in-game register, and email activation (although I’m still waiting for the email). There are a few errors on the site, but it’s pretty cool, and I would recommend it to a Spanish player!

Overall, they’re two modern CPPS, both with similar features, and stand a good chance at being successful, baring in mind the large amount of Spanish players the CPPS community has! Sadly I’ve not been able to test either, once I’m able to, I’ll make individual in-depth posts.

Thanks for reading!

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Yep, that’s right! now has the pehistoric party! They have basically all the features that ClubPenguin has now.

With the current prehistoric party on this server, you can use the transformations like the T-Rex transformation:

You can even use the egg menu to access the dino transformation eggs:

Even the map is prehistoric: is now even more fun to play now that they have the current Club Penguin party! I really recommend this server if you like servers with current Club Penguin parties.


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Recently the beloved CPPS resource site “” has came back! It launched back in late 2012, and ended in late November 2013. It was the best CPPS resource site of 2013 and has came back for rank 1!

Here are some screenshots of the website:

 And for the sources page:


Checkout the updated Services page!

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Exclusive Pictures of Flippr’s First Clothing Catalog and Features

*This is a post about an upcoming server that is not yet released.

Remember that customized project, Flippr? Well the Flippr team has just revealed the first clothing catalog theme and what it will look like! The catalog was customized by their fantastic SWF Designer and it really looks like it was made by a professional. The theme of this catalog is Classy and Jungle styles! Check out the front page:

Unbelievable. In my opinion, the theme is totally different. It’s not just one theme, but two themes combined in an awesome way. It looks like to me that this classy penguin is going on a adventure into the jungles of Flippr and maybe find something exclusive. Who knows though, not saying that there will be a Jungle on Flippr but it would be so cool, don’t you think? Obviously we know that there will be brand new rooms never before seen on this brand new server, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

They say that there will be parties every month on Flippr(good luck to them by the way because that is a lot of work), and that the theme of the party is hinted all month long. Maybe the first party could be a Jungle party? Or maybe a awards show? What can we really expect from Flippr? Flippr is and always will surprise us, promise you on that. But wait! Here is another picture of the clothing catalog:

Leave a comment on this post with your guesses on what kind of party you think Flippr will be hosting first! Pay attention to the clues in this catalog. You see Jungle, Box Portal, Jet Pack, Puffle Shirts…what could the party be?

Here is a look of regular items that will be in the catalog. Remember, even regular items have some sort of tie to the party theme.

The names of the items and the pictures make me think that there will be exploring involved with this party, and causes some penguins to get really dirty, coal ashed hair. Looks like to me that this will be a mega exploring party, but who knows?

Don’t forget about the classy items! Looks like penguins will be able to dress up really well from this catalog:

Thanks to the Flippr team, we were given exclusive photos of features that will be seen on the server! First we’ll take a look at the Settings of the server:

Obviously what this looks like to me is that Flippr will have so many settings that the users will be able to play with. Seems like you will be able to edit the ways you see the game or how you play it…interesting.

Of course, a custom server like Flippr has to have an exclusive mascot, so take a look at one of the very many mascots they have designed so far:

Isn’t it cool how detailed this mascot is? He looks like a strong, evil kind of mascot…I can’t wait to see him in action! Do you think this mascot will be good or evil?

Here we have another look at the Classy Styles catalog. This looks like an introduction page to the catalog. Notice again the classy design they did to this page, it really makes you feel like you are ordering from an actual catalog for the rich.

We were also given this exclusive look to a room that was designed:

Doesn’t this kind of remind you about that party we were talking about earlier? Could this be an exclusive look to that party? Looks like a room with lots of adventure to me.

Lastly we have these…what are these?!?!

Could this picture mean that there will be Penguin Skins? Or maybe they are just costumes. We’ll just have to wait and see. These designs are one of a kind though, agree?

There is also a secret way in getting exclusive updates about the progress of the server. If you go to their website and look at their page source, you can easily find cool stuff about Flippr! Check it out:

The Flippr team is obviously working hard on getting this game open to the public, but for now we can only be patient because it is obvious that they are giving their 100% and all the time they can give into this server. CPPSCentral will keep you updated with the progress of the upcoming server, Flippr! For now you can check their website and get excited for their release.

Flippr Website

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Hello, my name is Ryan. I’m a new author here at CPPSCentral!

Some interesting facts about me is that I have been in the CPPS community since iCPv3 came out. Some people may know me as the infamous “XXZane” from iCPv3 or iCPv6.

I hope to see you all around and I’m sure you will like the content that I will be posting in the future.


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Premuim Freepenguin!

First of all, I would like to welcome you to Freepenguin, and second of all I would like to show you the features premuim it has in store for you. Freepenguin premuim includes of Bubblecolor, and Ringcolor. You can bring out your colorful side for just $10.

All the premuim members are showing off there color and vibe!
You can choose any color you want! We’re giving out a free 1 day trial, click on unlock items, and enter the code, CPPSCENTRAL. Enjoy it while it lasts.


~ Tigress

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OldCP – We’re back!

After a 2 month hiatus, OldCP is back! If you don’t know what OldCP is, it’s the first (and only) 2005-2007 Club Penguin remake. It contains all of the fun and exciting features old Club Penguin had, including a great team.

Opening Screen

Sever Selection(s)


Me in the Plaza as a snail (staff only)

Also, our moderator competition is being held on Friday, January 24th, 2013 to Sunday, January 26th, 2013. The time is 10 PM (UK UTC+0:00) / 5 PM (USA UTC-5:00) The competition time stays the same everyday. Make sure to join a team (preferably “Team Coast”)!


See you at the moderator competition!


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We’re back online!

Sometime early Yesterday we got our servers running again, with back online, and all it’s wonderful posts and pages back for public viewing. Some comments may have been lost, so please re-comment in necessary! Sorry about this.

On top of this, we’re about to begin work on our new project, sighted here, “”. More news on that soon! will be backup soon, again apologies for this!



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