1 Jun

OldCP.biz – HACKED?!

Greetings, everyone.

I heard that OldCP.biz, a popular CPPS, has been HACKED!
You heard me, hacked!

Many people in the CPPS community, as well as me, have played this CPPS/heard of it at least once. This CPPS was a fun CPPS, played by many, to young players who loved playing it daily.I am ashamed of what people are trying to do to the CPPS community. Many people loved this CPPS, and now someone decides to hack it?

First off, why, and second, what did OldCP do to deserve to be hacked? This CPPS was a classic to many people, and now see what people are trying to do? People feel that hackers hack CPPSes to show off and make others upset. Who hacked it? And exactly why? So many questions are being asked, and there’s still no answer, however we gather that the attacker was Widd (Widdler). The same happened to a big CPPS with the name of xCPPS- xCPPS.me. This big CPPS was a success as well, and had gotten hacked, too, and as of today, the reasons of why it was hacked are unknown.

I can’t believe that someone would hack such an amazing CPPS, just to (assuming) show off, make others feel bad, etc. If you go to OldCP.biz, now, it redirects to SnailChat- a fun game created by Damen.

Goodbye OldCP, you will be dearly missed. Such an amazing CPPS, gone. It makes me feel embarrassed to know that people actually try to destroy the CPPS community and that people can actually be this mean for no reason.

11 thoughts on “OldCP.biz – HACKED?!

  1. The hacker of OldCP.biz is under the username on rile5, “not widd”, under partnership with ke$ha, and under the community of icrx.

  2. omg DOTTY?! i go on snailschat do you remember me and or cindygirl555?! if you do, i remember this, NOBODY BREAKS A DOTTY PROMISE! omg!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ahoy,
    I am a former Moderator of OldCP, former simply because of the shutdown that has happened. OldCP was back up and running fully and nicely until one day copyright issues made Disney rather mad forcing a shutdown before the owner risked his life of being held in a court trial. Snaildom.com has taken the site OldCP over and it is quite amazing. OldCP however has NEVER fell forever so signs maybe OldCP will be seen again sometime in the future. However Damen the owner worked long and hard on Snaildom it is newer and better than the beloved game OldCP I suggest joining it. I am Sadie on it, and I am a Moderator so check it out. ;)


  4. Look! I have been playing this game for a long time. So OldCp.biz is not hacked! I heard you just made us look bad. (IDK) But it is not hacked. Maybe delete this post? It would mean a lot. Thanks and delete it your just causing Rumors. -_-


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