12 Apr

iWaddle v2 Beta

Hello everyone,

A returning CPPS has launched in Open Beta, allowing users like you to join the game and experience their features. This server is AS2, not AS3, but it is probably one of the more advanced AS2 CPPSes, and it has some pretty cool features.

They also have 3 different management panels, which are rather under construction, and they do not work correctly all the time, that’s one thing they have to work on, but you can still check it out.


They have a wonderful website design, I don’t know if they designed it themselves, or what but I love the website design, it has some very nice elements to it.



The CPPS runs rather fast, I don’t know if they’re using a VPS or Dedicated Server, or they could even be Self-Hosting it, who knows, but it runs fast for me, and it loads pretty quick, the loader is pretty damn cool, too. They’ve fixed everything up to their own personal customizations, and as from as I know they have not stolen any designs from other CPPSes.

One of the best features they have is Smart Bot, Smart Bot is what the title says, Smart Bot is really cool, and if you say “Hi Bot” the Bot will say “Hello -Your Name Here-, how are you?” and after you say Good/Bad/Sad/Whatever it will say how it is feeling, they are developing this project further, and Lennor and iWaddle, the creators are working on developing this project to a further extent to make the bot highly more intelligent.


This CPPS like said in the previous paragraph is created by the person iWaddle and Lennor, they are working on adding a whole lot more to this CPPS, and one thing they are working on is adding Moods, which I think is rare in an AS2 CPPS, but I think I’ve seen it done¬†before.

What do you think is next for this second attempt at iWaddle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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