27 Jun


Hello all!
Jennifer here with a new CPPS! This CPPS goes by the name of iRetroCP. It just released. It is in public beta testing. This CPPS has a lot of great things, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. This CPPS is fun for everyone!

Here is an image of some people on the CPPS:

As you can see, there is nameglow and bc. That’s not all, though!
Here are some other features:
In this picture, Andy is big! So, there is an !SS command. You can be big, small, whatever, just don’t abuse the privilege!

In this picture, Andy is invisible! There is an invisibility command. Don’t worry, he’s still there!

In this picture, Andy is showing us the !GTG command. The bot says that he has to go. Pretty nice for when your friends aren’t around for you to say goodbye to them!

In this picture, Andy is showing us the !BRB command. The bot says he will be right back, letting friends and others know that he is not present.

In this picture, Andy is showing us the !BACK command. The bot informs everyone when he is back, letting others giving him a warm welcome back.

There is also a manager where you can change your nameglow, show your penguin’s information, etc. This manager is very useful. Here are 2 pictures of it!

Outside of the manager:

Pretty neat, huh?

Inside of the manager:



See? A few of the things I said about the manager are in there. There is the bc change, too!

There are MANY other features on iRetroCP. Come join us and check it out!

Home — http://iRetroCP.org/ | Register — http://iRetroCP.org/register/ | Play — http://iRetroCP.org/play/


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