30 Mar

Introducing CPPS.se

Hi there again,

Now, for my second post I’d like to introduce an all new CPPS called CPPS.se. CPPS.se is an all new CPPS created by Shaun and Ryan. CPPS.se is a AS2 CPPS, and was originally called PsyphCP and then Shaun & I decided to change it up a bit. Now, this CPPS isn’t very popular due to the fact it’s barely in beta testing which is available to all users. Let me tell you more about CPPS.se, and the features it has.

  • Custom Loader
  • Nameglow/Namecolor
  • Custom items (currently being added)
  • Custom rooms (currently being added)
  • Working igloo’s
  • An !ADDALL command
  • Friendly staff members
  • Epic website template
  • Get to relive old CP parties

We’ve lost some users, because we changed up, and not many know we have became an all new CPPS. In PsyphCP, we usually got about 20 users or more online. But, now we get about 5-10 users online. Anyways, this CPPS has a Manager to change your password, of course register, and a nameglow page to purchase nameglow. Just so you know, CPPS.se will be hiring many new moderators due to some inactive moderators.

Here are some snapshots:





Links: Homepage – Register – Play

Bye now,

~ Chilisaws1

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