3 Jun


Hi everyone!

I’m here to inform you guys about a new CPPS that the staff took some major time to work on. This CPPS is called ‘Interpeng’. Interpeng has some awesome features currently, and also on the way!

Some current features include:

  1. Custom interface
  2. Credit system
  3. Nameglow/Namecolor
  4. Working private chat
  5. Custom loader/startscreen/shell
  6. Custom rooms
  7. Up-to-date mediaserver
  8. Supportive, helpful staff!
  9. User Control Panel & Mod Panel

Some features that are being worked on are:

  1. Lottery system to win credits to buy cool prizes!
  2. Custom parties
  3. Bubble/Nameglow/Namecolor for every user!

Some photos of Interpeng:

The custom shell/loader
My playercard, penguin, and one of the many custom rooms!
Lottery System in the making!!
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