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27/10/2014 (UK DATE FORMAT)
10/27/2014 (US DATE FORMAT)


Flippr.in – ONLINE

CPPSCentral.com’s OFFICIAL sponsored CPPS!
Check it out!

Website | Register/Play


FreePenguin – ONLINE

Website | Play

ClubPenguinpl.us – ONLINE

Website | Register | Play


Website | Register | Play


Website| Register | Play


Old Penguin – ONLINE

Classic Penguin – ONLINE

Club Penguin 2009

All old comments deleted as of October 7th 2014.

43 thoughts on “CPPS List

    • Why did Disney have to shut down every cpps i like? :(
      There’s some cppses i still didn’t try out and they are gone! :(

      • The Cppses i know that are still here is BB009 (Bring Back 2009 is updating) and Cpps.me? I don’t know some people said it doesn’t work. I miss the good times.

    • i agree I DEMAND U TO GIVE MIRAI BACK TO US PLZ I FORCE U NO REPLYS I WANT MIRAI I HATE CANADIAN CP COMPANY THEY SEIZED CP 2009 but they came back so dat good BUT STILL IM SICK OF THIS THEY SHUT DOWN FLIPPR AND FREE PENGUIN AND FREE PENGUIN WAS AS GOOD AS MIRAI I WANT TO REMAKE MIRAI I WANNA MAKE MIRAI 2 BUT HOW I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR U ALL i will do my best to get mirai back i hope u can help me to do this help me make mirai come back with the rest :) thx for listening – alicia16286 (oldcp name mummysalsa) :) on other cpps faffles bye

  1. Hello! Today I bring to you an epic CPPS. It is newly created and you do NOT need to purchase anything! It is called: IslandCP

    Nameglow/Namecolour/Bubble(glow, text and colour, more to be added in the future, plus some other features), Size, Penguin opacity/transparency(can create a ghostly halloween effects!), walking on roofs/walls, sitting on there too! It is brand new therefore looking for staff, also, a nice, clean and sleek blog @ http://islandcp.pw/blog – enjoy guys!

  2. Hey guys! There’s a new CPPS out there that takes place back in 2009, entitled ClubPenguin09! We mostly would like to welcome people who are rare on Club Penguin and have been playing since 2009 in order to unleash some old memories, but we are also very welcome to all sorts of players. Whether if you just want to chat, play fully functional games, or dress up your penguin, then ClubPenguin09 is the way to go!

    Link – http://clubpenguin09.com/
    Register – http://clubpenguin09.com/register
    Play – http://play.clubpenguin09.com/

    (If CPPSCentral wants to add this to their list [which would be an honor], then here’s the logo link: http://clubpenguin09.com/images/logo.png)

    The main server is Blizzard, and I hope to see you on there some time!

    CP09 was created by Viktor and Vaughn (C)

  3. I wanted to tell you about a new CPPS called CP09 – Club Penguin 2009. It’s a great website. One of the best CPPS I have seen and I have seen and used ALL the CPPS. You should check it out and add it to you list of Private Servers. Almost no one knows about it because it was only added like three days ago but it’s growing really fast in popularity.
    I’m a user there not an owner

  4. pls add this cpps to the list.this cpps is awsome like other cpps,everything in this cpps same like real cp and free penguin XDbt this still beta ver.~everything inside is so cool we can play lots of game,adopt puffle….and more!! join it now~

    Home- http://epengu.in/
    Play- http://play.epengu.in/

  5. free penguin shut down just today I remember getting on at 12 o clock and it didn’t work then at 2;00 the page was closed…rip free penguin the Spanish server 1/3/2015 :'(

  6. spread the news to ppl who play it down to one private servers cpps.me but it may shut down cuz of hackers but its true that it will shut down in 2018 the website wont work right now….FUCK CLUB PENGUIN


  8. You guys should really join Bringback2009.info.
    Its an amazing cpps with over 60 players. Please we need more players. They are also hiring staff. Make sure to read the rules. I hope you enjoy your stay on it! :)

  9. Sup! Some CPPSes don’t really work…IDK why…But this is an awesome site!!!!!! Anyways can you try adding more cppses? There is a new one called ClubPenguin+

    IDK if its offshine…never played it too.

    Sorri for miskates
    Im kidding!!!!

    Biggest Fan ever

  10. look i miss mirai free penguin and kinda flippr not really because it glitched but plz disney if u are reading this im the peson who emailed u everyday 2013-2014 because i was intreseted in giving ideas for clothes u did one for bringing back gotta have a wingman for music and plz listen to me on this please just please bring back mirai and free penguin i miss them just i beg u please! :(

  11. hi me again so everyone who played flippr and misses it I HAVE GOOD NEWS its opening up it will be open by February 14th BUT BETTER IT MIGHT LAUNCH earlier so the best of luck for all of you and goodbye :)

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