Club Penguin 3 month membership raffle

Hello everyone!

I, Toogood, will be hosting a CPPSCentral raffle!  The one lucky winner will win a 3 month membership for the virtual world of Club Penguin. (

Here at we recently hosted an Atlantic Penguin contest, but we think it’s already time for a raffle.  I have been traded the code and decided to raffle it off on CPPSCentral.

This is a CPPS blog – what’s with the prize?

Almost all CPPS users originally played Club Penguin.  CPPS’s came from Club Penguin, so it still makes sense to have the giveaway here.  Plus, lots of CPPS users / CPPSCentral viewers still play Club Penguin as well, so they’re in-luck!  I did not have anywhere else to have the raffle, besides Twitter.













How do I enter?
Entering is really easy.  To get a chance to win the membership code, comment below.  We need your username and email address.  I need your email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

What’s the deadline?

You will have the chance in between now (February 26) and March 5.  That’s exactly a week, which is more than enough time.  Any entries submitted on the 5th will be valid - I will be choosing the winner randomly using a randomizer online on the 6th.  Any entries commented on March 6 will be invalid.  So, get your comment in soon!

Good luck to everyone entering the raffle!

*, nor Toogood own the code, therefore, are limited, and cannot guarantee that the code will be legit.

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53 Responses to Club Penguin 3 month membership raffle

  1. Mr Roboto says:

    i wanna enter

  2. Mr Roboto says:

    i want to enter

  3. Chuck Norris says:

    My Club Penguin username is Bellzon/
    thanks bro!

  4. anastasisk says:

    Im Anastasisk , at c.p. my E.-mail is :[email protected] and i submiting that fot the 3month membership contest of the
    Thank you!!!

  5. Sharky 9 says:

    I would like to enter

  6. Xar0 says:

    I Hope I Win :D

  7. Toogood says:

    Like I’ve said, please comment with your email and your name. Doesn’t have to be your Club Penguin username, by the way.

    All comments not containing that information will be invalid!

  8. Shardy says:

    I would love to re post this entry on my own website will that be okay

  9. Eros Adler says:

    hoje vi uma porta misteriosa e sai de perto
    e perto da floresta e da EPF

  10. Erinhos Braz says:

    me adicione no club penguin o site dos penguins
    e Club Penguin herbert hevenge

  11. sou fã dso club penguin em mil palavras e espero ganhar se eu não ganhar e se alguém de vcs ganharem eu digo parabéns por ganhar
    sou no club penguin Erinhos Braz

  12. Disguina says:

    My email:[email protected]
    My name:Disguina
    Please I am elected as I do!

  13. fatima says:

    Please vote for me forchen i dont have any numbers in my name if u vote for me i wil give u an BIG THANK YOU please vote for me to win

  14. cameron price says:

    im on club penguin right now vote for me!

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