Atlantic Penguin FREE NAMEGLOW! (Limited time!)

SNAP! Did you see that? …The Chicken running loose on the Atlantic Penguin home page – “swoosh” it said, as it ran by.

This strange, un-named Chicken arrived to the island of Atlantic Penguin today, around 5pm UK. As soon as I noticed it, I asked one of the owners what it was, and why it was there. His response -

The Chicken is a little “easter egg” we’ve added to Atlantic Penguin – once clicked an offer for free nameglow appears! So hurry and click that running Chicken, before it escapes!

So, this means, if you click the running Chicken on the play page you get a possibility to grab nameglow 100% free. Beware, it’s limited time only!

Here’s a picture:

……So! The trick is to have your eyes open on the main play page. Enjoy :)!

Atlantic Penguin website.

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56 Responses to Atlantic Penguin FREE NAMEGLOW! (Limited time!)

  1. Pools says:

    Wow hard to get

  2. Lisa1051 says:

    YEAH! I clicked it! ^o^ Yay I got a nameglow.

  3. felipe m l s says:

    vai caga no mato não ta funsionano

  4. Josephina says:

    Ya eh conseguido tocar al gallo lo que falta es ver mi premio :D

  5. SkyePie says:

    Omg! Help! My password is saying its wrong, I think I may have got my penguin deleted >:( Heeelpp!!

  6. openar says:

    I hope there is no fraud and no need to pay and do not send checks to my email address. thank you

  7. lori1234 says:

    a mi me sale negro no me lo he descargado pero le he dado a la gallina y he elegido el color pero me a salido el nombre con una mancha negra encima q puedo hacer para que se me quite por favor decid algo y me salvareis!!!!!!


  8. rdorigo says:

    no me lee el diario y me tarda mucho en cargarpara leer las cosas

  9. rockmarco says:

    eu coloquei nameglow cara a galinha me deu susto mais eu fui entra e da problema de conexão

  10. Luchipengu says:

    que miera ni sirve esa cosa yo lo clikie como 10 veces y nada son mentirosos pa ra caga nacieron para caga putototototototototototo

  11. KAPOLAPO says:

    ni sirve mentirosa jajajajaja prueven cpcheatscp

  12. Pools says:

    Yay! I got name glow! :D

  13. Skye says:

    I got it, thankyouuu;D

  14. leticilupe says:

    i lo ve atlantic penguin

  15. sham says:

    club penguin is better

  16. marc ale says:

    no medeja entrar

  17. brittney says:

    now i cant login thanks a lot!

    • Bane says:

      That isn’t our fault. This is an issue with Atlantic Penguin, and is affecting everyone. Please wait until it is backup and running.

  18. cmm boss says:

    olá,atlantic penguin

  19. ivan says:

    no me sale el pollo

  20. alice17 says:

    Quiero entrara atlantic pliz

  21. Alma 858 says:

    Si nadie entiende esto no es presionar ese pollo de aqui, ingresen a atlantic penguin y allí hay un pollo, no sean amargados y no se enojen jiji.

  22. rockmarco says:

    cade meu jogo n consigo entrar quando coloquei o nameglow n quis entra mais da problema de conexão oque eu faço??????

  23. voictouy says:

    eu sou divertido

  24. fernando says:

    quero cer um asinante

  25. catirosis47 says:

    esto es una farsa por que solo avía jugado una semana y no me dejava entrar nadie se meta a atlantic penguin por que es una farsa

  26. cpps king12 says:

    please give it to me it looks so cool

  27. yahoo! says:

    Como se sai desse lugar eu quero jogar antigamente eu jogava na boa

  28. lucas constant marinho martins says:

    pq n dá para entrar no Atlantic Penguin??

  29. nicolas says:

    me gusta esto es divertido

  30. Nicolas nieto says:

    soi muy bonito

  31. nicolas nieto says:

    me gusta esto de nameglow

  32. nicolas says:

    megusta esto para mi no es una farsa solo tranquilos y espere intente

  33. nicolas says:

    i like this page

  34. Nicolás says:

    i si so beautifull

  35. xavi says:

    we get free membership

  36. maria says:

    iros a la porra

  37. lilybug says:

    how do i do it?

  38. Lexi3210 says:

    didn’t work I tried 5 times didn’t work.

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