Storm hits Flippr

If you haven’t heard of Flippr already, you must have been living under a rock. Flippr might as well be one of the most custom server in this community’s history and to keep everything exciting, there is weekly updates! So far, many things has happened on Flippr and there is no real way in explaining it all in just one post – so you better join the server to see for yourself.

This week a storm has hit Flippr, leaving everything dark, cold, and even damaged!

Don’t worry too much about trying to find a place to keep your flippers warm, because a lot of rooms have been refurnished for comfort, for example, the lighthouse!

Maybe you don’t enjoy just relaxing and you’re up for some adventure, and that’s why you should log on Flippr and check out the Ski Village – you may find some interesting things down this certain path…

Some really interesting things…

You can now also visit some of your most favorite mascots’ igloos on Flippr during this storm. My favorite igloo is Paige’s because I love puffles, don’t you?

A new kind of puffle was also found during this storm – the ice puffle! You’ll have to log on and read the newspaper to find out more about the puffle though.

If you’re looking for a really exciting and custom server to play on, you should really try Flippr – and I mean it! Tell your friends too! It’s more fun to play Flippr with friends. This server is so fun and it’s updated every week to keep the server fun, I really recommend it. Try it out today!


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Nuevo CPPS – CPPSHeld

Hola Amigos                                                                                                                                           Como Ya Les Había Contado, Nuestro Amigo Ottaggio, Nos Dio Adelantos de El Juego, Pero Hoy 6/04/2014 CPPSHeld Abrió Sus Puertas Para Todos, Con Una Gran Beta Party,Hubo 2 Items Gratis, El Beta Hat y Una Camisa Beta, También Hay Un Hermoso Centro A Continuación Las Imagenes:                                                                                                               town

¿Bonito Centro Verdad?




Boa Morte Es Uno De Los Diseñadores de CPPSHeld – Junto a Jonathan24 (Jonny) y JesuCP y Yo.

Tambien Trae de Nuevo Que Puedes Tener Hasta Los Puffles, Puedes Sacarlos a Pasear,Darle de Comer y Tenerlos En Tu Igloo:


Famosos En La Isla:


Diseños Exclusivos:



Puffles Totalmente Originales:



Tambien Funcionan: Los Juegos, Los Igloos (Puedes Editar),Los Catalogos,Diario,Mensajes Y Mucho Mas!

¿Qué Esperas Para Jugar Este Maravilloso CPPS En Español?

Entra Ya! a logo-bg




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Adelantos de!

Hola amigos!

Ottaggio me ah dado mucha información sobre CPPSHeld ahora le informare a usted sobre lo mejor de este CPPSHeld.

Como usted sabrá CPPSHeld estuvo cerrado un tiempo pero ahora volverá con todo! Le dejaré toda la información que me dio Ottaggio.


  • Nuevas salas!

CPPSHeld usará salas comos las anteriores

  • Nuevas fiestas!

Ahora Held vendrá con las mejores fiestas! Como “The Party Moon!(Una fiesta donde seguramente podrá viajar a la Luna)

  • ¡Nuevas mascotas!

Adopta a un Puffle oso, pero cuidado!

Parece que CPPS vendrá con lo mejor!

Cuando venga a CPPSCentral le informaré más con imágenes!

¿Que te parece? Deje su comentario!

Pagina web!/Twitter


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Hi everyone!

I’m proud to announce all of Flippr’s newest updates, which I’ll be doing every week from now on. So, let’s get started!

My personal favorites on Flippr are the custom rooms! On top of many other rooms, my favorites include cool rooms like the “pool room”, the “lakeside” room, and our very own Ice Berg that tips!

Pool Room:


Custom Ice Berg tip:

Also on Flippr, there’s custom puffles! This includes silver puffles, magenta puffles, and the “Jungle Puffles”! At the February-March 2014 “Adventure Party” penguins could explore the island in search for the Jungle Puffle, but now that the party is over, it’s available at the Pet Shop. Here’s what the puffles look like!

The puffle interface/card is also a very cool asset to the Flippr island, as well. Check it out!

Enough for puffle settings, let’s move onto player settings!
In the player settings, you can find an interface changer, your user’s information, and a species changer! My personal favorite species are the puffin, penguin, and walrus. And as an interface, I find the default pretty cool!

Now that you’ve heard that Flippr has our own parties, you may want to know about our NEXT party. In prep for our new party, which happens to release April 6th, we have our own custom catalog!

We added a very special “Mascot of the Month” section to the catalog, and right next to it includes special hints to our next party!

Oh, and you may need some custom disguises if you want to hide from penguins!

Are you unsure with what you’re wearing for your next outfit? Ask Dot!

As you skim through our custom catalog, you’ll see a few hints to our next party: “The Great Storm Expedition”. But as the days go by, and the party is reaching, you’ll see more by looking at our login screen!

Also, you can change your quality by visiting the “settings” option on the typing bar! Available qualities are: HQ(High Quality), MQ(Medium Quality), and LQ(Low Quality, if you choose this, the game will be faster!)

Interested in playing Flippr? Visit now!


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Hola,me llamo IMax y soy Administrador de CPPSCentral. Mi trabajo se basa en publicar sobre los CPPSes en español.

Eh sido parte de la COMUNIDAD de “Wavepenguin” Lamentablemente está cerrado, eh hecho muchas cosas interesantes, pero no diré todas.

Mi nombre en todos los CPPSes es Manojo2002, si quieren buscarme, también soy creador de un proyecto similar a

Este es mi Primer post, jamas pensé que llegaría aquí. Estoy muy orgulloso de que hoy le pueda informar a usted las nuevas de los CPPSes, ojala que mi contenido sea útil para usted, estoy dispuesto a responder cualquier pregunta.


Siganme en  Twitter para descubrir las nuevas en español de CPPSCentral

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More and More Spanish CPPSs are being released and we’re seeing a massive increase of Spanish users! So we thought – why don’t we start embracing the Spanish users by releasing a CPPS List dedicated to them. So they can use to their advantage!

Not only have we now fully released the page (click here), we’ve also begun hiring Spanish speaking authors and editors who will be taking care of the Spanish CPPS list, and occasionally posting in a Spanish-only section of They’ll begin work VERY soon!

Stay tuned!

TRANSLATED WITH GOOGLE TRANSLATE! Traducido con traductor Google!
Más y Más CPPSs españolas están siendo liberados y estamos viendo un aumento masivo de los usuarios españoles! Así que pensamos – ¿por qué no empezamos abrazando los usuarios españoles por la liberación de una Lista CPPS dedicado a ellos. Así que se puede utilizar en su beneficio!

No sólo hemos lanzado ahora plenamente la página (pulse aquí), también hemos comenzado la contratación de autores de habla hispana y editores que se cuidan de la lista CPPS español, y ocasionalmente publicando en una muestra española sólo Ellos empiezan a trabajar muy pronto!

Estén atentos!

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New CPPS >> ServCPPS!

ServCPPS is a brand new, popular Club Penguin Private Server hosted on a semi-dedicated server.

ServCPPS’ awesome startup screen.

This server claims to hold many different features such as custom rooms, a groovy looking interface, custom mascots, custom items and even a few custom commands such as !GAME <Game ID here>.

Great user-friendly custom interface.

One of my favourite features about ServCPPS is that they offer a free nameglow and namecolour. To join this server or find out more information, visit their website by clicking here.

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Introducting: Private Server Central &!

We’ve just expanded! Releasing one brand new Private Server blog – for Transformice (, and a Private Server Network ( Both with slick and stylish designs, easy-to-use and a great Team helping out, and working together to create an awesome user experience.

You’ll certainly enjoy our two new projects, and hope you check them out, and become a long-term Member of the sites. More changes are expected to arrive to, that you’ll really enjoy – but for now, we’re going to keep them a secret ;-).

Check them out:

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Hello, my name is Parker and I am CPPSCentral’s newest author! Many of you may know me as Fugi7 or Cr4ck/Cr4K. I have been making cppses and blogging about cppses since late 2010. I am looking forward to posting as much cpps news as I can to update every one when needed. I am looking forward to a great experience,


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Hello, everybody!

Hello, all!

We’ve had a lovely start to the New Year, and 2014 is about to become an even better year; Chris has arrived!
I’m going to be posting news on the latest CPPSes, as well as anything else which might catch your attention.

Hoping to post something more exciting than my introduction very soon,


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